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When Chrysler was first started by Walter Chrysler back in 1925, it was known for making well-engineered vehicles that customers could rely on. The brand continues to have that goal as a core part of their mantra. Once World War II hit, Chrysler was more than happy to help out our country by providing them with vehicles and equipment such as radar antennas. This was just the beginning of Chrysler’s dedication to serving their community and country.


When the 1960s rolled around, Chrysler expanded into the European market through Chrysler Europe. This deal came via majority interests from the British Rootes Group, Simca in France, and Barreios in Spain. Eventually, these assets were sold to PSA Peugeot Citroën in the late 70s. While they were expanding abroad, they also helped to popularize muscle cars here in America. This was around the same time that they introduced the Plymouth GTX, Plymouth Road Runner, and Dodge Charger. NASCAR was a huge supporter of these models, including them in many of their races. This rapidly increased their popularity.

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Chrysler continued manufacturing reliable and well-liked vehicles throughout the years, especially during the early 1980s. Once this decade hit, Chrysler began manufacturing fuel-efficient vehicles know as K-Cars, which skyrocketed their popularity. Once this success really began to take shape, it was decided that Chrysler would purchase the fourth biggest automaker, American Motors, eventually restructuring it as needed.


When the late 1990s came around, Chrysler decided to merge with German automaker Daimler to create DaimlerChrysler. This relationship eventually ended in 2007 via a deal with Cerberus Capital Management. The 90s also included a number of iconic additions to the Chrysler lineup, including the jaw-droppingly powerful Dodge Viper sports car. The Viper has been an automotive icon since the vehicle’s inceptions. This was also the introduction of the Ram truck, changing the landscape for working-class drivers forever. The Jeep brand was also first created in the 90s, leading to some of the most popular vehicles under the Chrysler umbrella. Your Dodge dealer near Dayton Ohio can’t wait to see where this brand goes next, and you can bet that your Jeep dealer in Ohio will be right there for the entire ride.

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